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Anthony & Victoria's Sandia Peak Engagement Session Albuquerque Wedding Photographer ABQ NM Photos

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

What an engagement session to remember! Anthony and Victoria were all in when I suggested to do their engagement session at Cedar Crest. Who can pass on the BEAUTIFUL views our Sandia Mountains offer? The day we had the engagement session the weather was perfect & we were sooooo lucky to have our famous cotton candy colored skies to end our sunset session! Through the year I've met with Victoria a few times to help with wedding planning & she is as sweet as they come. I am so taken back at how truly in love these two are & had such a fun time joining them in the mountains. During our session we found a tree to mark their love. I'm excited to hear in the future all the stories of them going back to see their tree! I'm so happy to call these guys friends & cannot wait for their wedding day!

Victoria writes:

Anthony and I met online on a dating site. I was about to delete it after I got the 5th inappropriate message. Then I got his message and he seemed really nice and a gentleman! We started talking October 28, 2016. He lived in Cuba, NM and wasn't sure if I thought that was too far to date someone. I assured him it wasn't. 

On November 3rd or 4th, he texted me and told me he might have broken his leg. He was very nonchalant about it. I later found out that He had broken it on the mountain, drug himself down that mountain, into an 18 wheeler and had to be driven the hour plus to Rust Medical Center. Anthony not only broke his bone, he tore his calf muscle! It took him about seven or eight months to heal and during that time we kept talking. We discovered that our daughters knew each other even though they went to completely different schools. Also, found out that his sister-in-law did the same work that my business does. Even that, his sister-in-law and I drove the same style of the vehicle. I just figured these were all happy coincidences.

Anthony and I had talked about maybe meeting for lunch here and there, but once he was fully healed he asked me out on a date. We went out on June 22nd, 2017. We were both very nervous for a first date. Anthony brought me an orchid and an ice cream gift card for my son!  We talked the whole time we ate and discovered that we were both middle children, very much stereotypical middle children. He took me home by 8:30 that night. I thought that was very strange. But after talking to him later he realized that he was so nervous, he didn't know what else to do after I supposedly said that he could take me home after he asked me if he could take me home. We went out on a few more dates and by July we were exclusive. 

In all the years I've been single while raising my children, they never met anyone that I dated. It was very important to me to do it in the right time. I had told my son that I was going out on a date with someone and he asked who he was, so I explained the basics . Whenever I'd get a text message he would ask me if that was the guy I went out with, Anthony? One day after swimming with some friends and family we got home and he asked me what the text from Anthony said. I told him that he said he was going to be bad and get a milkshake from Sonic. Carlos paused and said I could go for some Sonic! And that was the first time he met Carlos. Carlos ordered an orange cream slush... which Carlos had never ordered before or since lol! That meeting was at the end of July. And even though Carlos was hesitant he started to show signs that he liked Anthony a lot. Anthony met my daughter in July when she came back from her internship in Washington DC. That was a bit harder of a transition because she had never known me to date anyone. I met his daughter around the same time and we got along great. She loves cats like I do! She's very sweet and she loves her dad so it seemed like she liked me and that was good.

We decided in March of 2018 to take all the kids to Disneyland to hopefully bring the girls together and to become friends. That July Anthony helped me move my daughter to New Orleans to begin her teaching career. He did it without any hesitation, completely and totally willing to help my child start her new life. On that trip my son rode in the truck with him while I rode in the car with my daughter. On that drive Carlos asked Anthony when he was going to propose me. Anthony told him he was planning on it but didn't know when. Carlos suggested Christmas, my birthday, Thanksgiving day. And Anthony said those were all special days by themselves and he wanted to find a different day. Carlos suggested his birthday which was September 9th. Anthony told him no that's your birthday. And Carlos said he wouldn't want any other gift. On September 9th, Anthony took me back to St Clare's Winery where we had our first date. We ate the same thing we ate on our first date because we're pretty boring and don't change much. After lunch he proposed to me on one knee outside his truck! Nothing fancy. Nobody videotaped it, there were no pictures taken, it was just me and Anthony in the parking lot of the place where we had our first date. He picked the ring without any help. He told people who offered to help that if he can't pick the perfect ring for me then he shouldn't ask. And he picked the perfect ring and proposed perfectly! When we told Carlos he was so happy! 

Our love story is unreal! We get along so well. We don't fight and we communicate about everything. Our families get along and couldn't be happier that we found each other! We have faith that it was God's plan that we would meet the way we did and fall deeply in love. Anthony also believes that my dad had a big hand in it as well. That he and God picked him special for me and our family! I am truly blessed beyond reason! I thank God and my dad every day! 

This is the video of us telling Carlos that we're engaged! ♥ 


-Soon to be Mrs.

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