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Who spent their morning organizing? What is your New Year's Resolution? Mine is definitely to be more organized. Time flies and then we miss life! I'm honestly still in the thought process of where did my summer go? Not only is summer long gone, but Thanksgiving & Christmas just past & its New Year's Day!!! What!

I have to admit, I've always thought a New Year's Resolution was kinda dumb. New Year, New You? Get outta here lol. How many people actually stay in line with their resolution past 3 months? Then it got me thinking.. What's so wrong about deciding goals for yourself and planning your year? I know a big resolution is always weight loss, healthy living, but what about just being organized. What if I actually planned days to take my kids swimming or a day at the spa? I think we live in a time where when someone asks you how are you doing? Our response 90% of the time is, BUSY. Why? Why is busy the new norm... cause it shouldn't be! My goal this year is not to be busy but THRIVE. My business will THRIVE. My health will THRIVE. My family will THRIVE. And my first plan of action to succeed in my goal is to be organized. When we are organized, we're bound to succeed. Having a schedule rules out cause for being late or things not getting done. Your house is a mess? Set days/hours in a day to clean. Make a list of things to clean that day. Need some time to help your child struggling with homework? Set an hour after your toddler goes to bed to help them. Being organized doesn't have to be life change and strict. Simple things like making a Cosco list can help you not to forget anything saving you a trip back earlier than you'd like.

My New Year's Resolution is very broad and can be so many goals in one but I'm going to keep it simple. Organizing my time and making a schedule is going to help me thrive in all aspects of life because I'm not going to be running around like a chicken without a head absolutely exhausted. Get a calendar & make a few plans for YOURSELF. Set a date night & maybe that vacation you've been wanting for years. With all your goals make sure you have ORGANIZED a plan of action with realistic ways to get to your goal.


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